Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Save your money for another box of diapers!

From wall decals to clocks, to place mats and dinner sets, Superstore is carrying some pretty cute and contemporary/modern designs for children's decor and more! Trust me, I've done my research (during and post pregnancy) and these are definitely comparable to some of the higher end products out there.The best part, they are super affordable, all being under $20!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I wish it was like this everyday!

Birthday presents are still coming so I'm still feeling the love (if you've read the 5 Love Languages, can you guess which language I speak?). The 2 books from my BFF came in the mail yesterday and as I explained to her, they will have a semi-permanent home on my bedside table for the next few weeks as it takes me an average of about 5 times to really get through a book like these ones. Even then, I can pull it off the shelf a year later and all the content will be brand new to me. My husband's friend and girlfriend got me the lip gloss set which I got last night before we played basketball (YES, I played basketball! more about that in another entry). This was a complete surprise to me as I never feel that my husband's friends have an obligation to get me anything so I appreciate this gift one million times more. I can't wait to try them all!

So thankful,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Displaying the Obvious

I appreciate a lot of color and quirkiness when it comes to home decor and usually bring in some of those ideas into my own home. But for the longest time, I never appreciated those signs or decals that stated the obvious, like “SLEEP” or “LAUGH”... that is, until I spotted the letters spelling “EAT” in Jules’ kitchen in (one of my favorite shows) Cougar Town.

I instantly fell in love with this and for months and months I went on a (secret) search to look for something similar. I never really found the perfect one (though I’ve read you can buy a similar one Etsy) but a few days ago while doing groceries, I was pleasantly surprised to find an EAT sign in the kitchen area of Superstore (as seen in the above photos). YES, you read right. As in: The Real Canadian Superstore. I am really starting to like what I see in terms of home decor at Superstore. I purchased a lovely shower curtain there last year and would’ve also purchased table mats if I didn’t already have some. Their style is transitioning into a very contemporary and modern look, which I think a lot of us, who don’t have a budget for the upscale brand names, can be thankful for.

I'm still thinking of exactly where to hang it and although I think I've got an idea, putting 3 holes in the wall is quite the commitment so I think I'll hold off on this. One thing I'm not planning on postponing is my commitment to drink more home-made smoothies. While taking the frozen strawberries out of the freezer, I noticed I also have a bag of carrots. I thought, why not drink of some this - it's healthy too. Then I remembered I bought a Smoothie book for 99 cents years ago from Chapters and decided to make and down more smoothies in the New Year.

This is the book. Yes, I realize you're probably asking: how hard could it be to mix a banana, strawberries and orange juice but believe me, there is more to it! (okay, not much more but it was 99 cents!!!)
Here's to more vegetable and fruit intake in twenty-eleven,

PS - My husband just got home and brought some nice surprises for the little one. We finally received Santa Clause's response to the little one's letter we sent in early December. My husband also purchased some Christmas books for him to add to his library. Oh and I got a lovely surprise too! Check it out.